If a picture already says more than a thousand words, what can we say about video then…

When I was seventeen years old, my whole life was about football (and it maybe still is). It started with playing football in the morning during the school breaks. My friends and I continued at the little street court around the corner when school finished. The evenings were often filled with trainings or matches of my field- and indoor football teams. The time left was used to watch professional football matches and more importantly to search for new and cool streetfootball videos on Youtube.

‘The mission’. A spectacular Nike commercial with Edgar Davids in the lead resulted in hours of practicing, trying to imitate the phenomenal football trick Davids does when he steals the ‘roundest’ ball on the planet. If you haven’t seen it, watch it now (below). Tricks and the freedom to do tricks make indoor football cool(er). That is why I started an indoor football team together with my neighbourhood friends.

After a couple of matches we realised that our tricks were by far the most memorable moments of the matches. However, a few weeks later you can tell your friends at school or in the pub that you won a match with 5-3. But it is more difficult to say that you did a very cool trick during the match. You can check the outcome of the match on the website of your football club, but where can you check and how can you show the trick you did…? This made me decide to use my last saving money to buy a basic JVC video camera. I experienced that not all moments can be (properly) saved in our memory.

Ever since we recorded almost every match we played. So if you were injured, substitute or supporter, your duty was to film the whole match. Coming home, I always watched this 60 minute-tape back for those few seconds of fame and showed it to everybody that was interested. Reflecting on it, here I started to realise that video has a special power. If a picture sometimes already says more than thousand words, what can we say about video then…


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