Billboards, Balls and Brillcreem

My best friend in Burkina Faso is Didier Drogba. Especially in Ouagadougou me and my best friend spend much time together. Every hundredth meters there is a big billboard with my best friends face on it. Sometimes he is standing in front of a big Samsung flatscreen television and sometimes he is kicking a fancy Nike ball with colourful Nike shoes. My best friends favourite pose is when he is wearing his blue Chelsea jersey, he has a confident and concentrated impression on his strong face and his hair is pulled back in a shiny but cool ponytail. To get his act together my best friend uses a secret ingredient, Brillcreem. According to my best friends former coach, Guus Hiddink, Didier uses one pot of Brillcreem on a daily basis. And I have to admit that every time I see my best friend, whether it is on the football field or on a billboard, his hair looks perfect and shiny. Since the final of the Champions League two days ago I am scared that I am going to lose my best friend, because now everybody want to be his friend. Hopefully my best friend will remember that I was always there for him and for me it was never a problem that he was putting a daily pot of Brilcreem in his hair.


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