Cool conversations

Having cool conversations with (random) people Is part of the Burkinabe lifestyle. For me this is not, like most people will say, because all Burkinabe are so nice and friendly. No, it’s just because they say cool things. As an example I will phrase a short conversation that was going on between me and two of my neighbourhood boys.

Both of them are in their final year of ‘high school’. May is the month of the final exams, which means that they are studying hard at the moment. I arrived home and both of them were sitting outside with their study books in front of them. I asked if they were ready for it. One of them responded: “un ancien combattant a toujours son arme prêt”. Free translated this means something like: “an old warrior is always ready for battle”.

We continued the conversation and ended up talking about Léo, the capital of the Gourounsi (an ethnic group). I asked one of the guys whether he was a Gourounsi too. He didn’t just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but told the story about Neil Armstrong, ‘the first men on the moon’. As Neil arrived at the moon he saw an African looking guy sitting in a traditional pose. This guy appeared to be Mossi, belonging to Burkina’s largest ethnic group. So, sorry for my (nationalistic) American blog readers, you were not the first on the moon after all;). Clue of the story is that the Mossi are ‘partout’, in good English everywhere.


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